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Modèle: 12-3000mm

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cope of application: British type hose clamps are preferred by the European markets.The non-preforated and rolled band protects the soft-hoses surface from shearing during installation.This style of hose clamp is commonly used in automotive,industrial,mining,marine and genera
Band material Galvanized iron ,stainless steel 201,stainless steel 301,stainlesssteel 304,stainless steel 316
Band Thickness Galvanized iron Stainless steel
 0.8-1.0mm 0.8-0.9mm
Band width 9.7mm/11.7mm
Wrench 7mm
Housing Material stainless steel or galvanized iron
Screw style W1 W2 W5/W4
Head crossed(or as you request) Hesd crossed Solt type screw
Connection welding
Model number As your requirement
Structure Swivel clamp
Product feature Volt-endurance;torque balance;large adjustment range
Certificate ISO9001:2008
MOQ 1000
Supply ability 1200000 pieces per month
Payment terms 30%T/T Before production and 100% before shipment
Delivery time 10-35days afer T/T at sight
package Plastic bag,carton
Company website
1.Use the open internal and external circle structure,and with screw fixed.It is effectively to solve the problem that when small diameter solft tube connect the hared tube,it is easy appear dead angle,and liquid or gas leakage problem.Easy structure,Easy
2.Edge is no burrfree,it is ability to prevent the tube damaged
3.By a  efficiently hydrogen relief treatment,long-term use needn't to worry fracture and other problems
4.Accord with DIN3017 Standard.By 48 hours salt and fog test,it has a good corrosion resistance
5.By last 36 hours elastic test,to insure a high strength mechanical properties.
6.Easy to fix.
W1--all of the band, housing and screw is galvanized steel;
W2-- band and housing 200ss or 300ss stainless steel, screw galvanized steel;
W4--all of the band, housing and screw is 200ss or 300ss stainless steel;
W5--all of the band, housing and screw is 316ss stainless steel.
Size(mm)  Item NO   W1    Bandwidth   W2/W4/W5    Bandwidth pcs/bag pcs/carton
W1 W2 W4 W5
8-14 AJYSA814 AJYSB814 AJYSD814 AJYSE814 9.7*0.8mm 9.7*0.8mm 100 2000
11-17 AJYSA1117 AJYSB1117 AJYSD1117 AJYSE1117 100 1000
13-20 AJYSA1320 AJYSB1320 AJYSD1320 AJYSE1320 100 1000
15-24 AJYSA1524 AJYSB1524 AJYSD1524 AJYSE1524 11.7*0.9mm 11.7*0.9mm 100 1000
19-28 AJYSA1928 AJYSB1928 AJYSD1928 AJYSE1928 100 1000
22-32 AJYSA2232 AJYSB2232 AJYSD2232 AJYSE2232 100 1000
26-38 AJYSA2638 AJYSB2638 AJYSD2638 AJYSE2638 100 1000
32-44 AJYSA3244 AJYSB3244 AJYSD3244 AJYSE3244 20 1000
38-50 AJYSA3850 AJYSB3850 AJYSD3850 AJYSE3850 20 1000
44-56 AJYSA4456 AJYSB4456 AJYSD4456 AJYSE4456 20 1000
50-65 AJYSA5065 AJYSB5065 AJYSD5065 AJYSE5065 20 1000
58-75 AJYSA5875 AJYSB5875 AJYSD5875 AJYSE5875 20 500
68-85 AJYSA6885 AJYSB6885 AJYSD6885 AJYSE6885 20 500
77-95 AJYSA7795 AJYSB7795 AJYSD7795 AJYSE7795 20 500
87-112 AJYSA87112 AJYSB87112 AJYSD87112 AJYSE87112 20 250
104-138 AJYSA104138 AJYSB104138 AJYSD104138 AJYSE104138 11.7*1.0mm 20 250
130-165 AJYSA130165 AJYSB130165 AJYSD130165 AJYSE130165 20 250
150-180 AJYSA150180 AJYSB150180 AJYSD150180 AJYSE150180 20 250
175-205 AJYSA175205 AJYSB175205 AJYSD175205 AJYSE175205 20 200
200-231 AJYSA200231 AJYSB200231 AJYSD200231 AJYSE200231 20 200
226-256 AJYSA226256 AJYSB226256 AJYSD226256 AJYSE226256 20 200
251-282 AJYSA251282 AJYSB251282 AJYSD251282 AJYSE251282 20 150
277-307 AJYSA277307 AJYSB277307 AJYSD277307 AJYSE277307 20 150
NOTE: 1,The standard packing material in bags and cartons.
2,Other sizes are available for us too.
3,All the information is just for your reference,can't be used as specification.
Main Products Outline:        
1 British hose clamps: band thickness is usually about 1 mm, double the thickness of other hose clamps. So the band tension is very strong. Widely used in larger pressure occasions. With out tooth traces at inner ring of the band can protect the soft surf
2 German hose clamps: the unique side pressing design, and non-perforated design can effectively prevent the soft surface of the silicone tube and hose from damage.
3.American hose clamps: with band thread through-hole, and teeth of the screw fitted in, they have more powerful locking. and accurate Occlusal. Also,american hose clamps can be used in non-circular objects, they can bundle the square columnar objects, su
4.T bolt hose clamps: similar to their brothers ---- the single-head solid strong clamps, both of them belong to the powerful hose clamps , which also called European clamps. The common bandwidth 20MM, 24MM, 26MM,etc., have a larger Strong torque. Widely 
5.V band hose clamps: traditional flange replacing products. beautiful appearance. cheap. fast and easy installation. high strength, good sealing performance. Pipes are connected with high concentricity. and easy removal. They can be used as an active con
6.U shape pipe clamps:are used for pipe fixing on various surfaces and support structures. U tube clamps is suitable for fixed pipeline with oil, water, gas medium in metallurgy, petroleum, chemicals, vehicles, ships, power hydraulic systems. U pipe clamp
7.Spring-loaded T-bolt hose clamps: spiral spring design prevents the occurrence of leakage when temperature changes, and have a self-compensation function (constant pressure). Widely used in truck air intake, cooling ventilation systems. T-spring hoops m
8 rubber coated hose clamps: with good flexibility, tensile strength, flame retardant, waterproof, anti-aging, anti-static, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear-resistant, anti-UV performance.
9. Handle/thumb screw hose clamps: simple and easy to use, without any tools. Handle/thumb screw can be plastic coated or not.
10 quick release hose clamps: mainly used in fast conversion, such as sealing of the air duct, dust channel interface. meets quickly tied needs to enable work very efficient.
Export advantages:
1.We always inspect every hose clamp to avoid any shortcoming,so we promise every hose clamp reaches the export standard.
2.Our factory is located in Tianjin,which is the second largest port of china..So we could save the inland freight for you,also as a production-oriented enterprise,we will give you the best quotation.
3.We have passed the certification of ISO9001 in 2008.Also we could offer ODM,OEM and Buyer Label Service.So we promise our product quality and our service.
4.We have a strong production ability,also professional quality control department,so we could promise our delivery time and product quality.

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